Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tomorrow Brings The Pain.

I am finishing up the final leg of Christmas break, and I am ready to be back at Clemson. I haven't really exercised at all for about 2 months due to a knee injury. However, tomorrow starts the first official workout session to get my lazy fatness into tip top cycling shape. Helping me along the way will be Kit Southwick for strength training, Pete Leahy for flexibility training (a new regimen guaranteed to fit us into microwaves by the end of the semester), and any willing person who wants to log countless hours of time on a bike seat with me. That would be greatly appreciated by the way.

No lolly gaggin around once it gets down to business time. Diet is in action too. So if anyone sees me eating sweets, free punches for you.

This suck cause I do love sweets.

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