Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Couple New Things

#1 New thing.... I forgot how tired I get after lifting weights.

So turns out Yesterday was my first workout of the season. This was due to a surprise snowfall that left me wanting to do nothing but sled, watch movies, and drink hot cocoa for 3 straight days. But it is gone now, so now the workouts start. Chest and Tris, turns out I forgot that this is really hard. Along with 2 hours of indoor volleyball and an hour long Super Smash Brothers session, I am straight wiped out.

#2 New Thing.... If you ever wipe out on a longboard, make sure that you are not wearing a pair of camouflage shoes. Because if you so happen to wipe out really bad, *cough*, and one of those shoes flies off your foot and into the leaves, it takes approximately 13 minutes to find them.

#3 New Thing.... I had a number three new thing, but then I forgot it when trying not to sound like a 7 year old while typing my other new things. So no number 3. Sorry


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