Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pain.. Yucky.

Well, I just got back from a mission trip in Washington, DC. Pretty incredible. We got to love people well and do a ton of good work for the city. The only downside to the trip was the repercussions of being a van driver. As a van driver, you get less sleep. I also did not drink a lot of water in order to reduce the amount of pee breaks that were necessary. I also only got to go on one run during DC.

Why am I telling you this?

Fletcher told me after we got back that he was doing his first 50 miler this weekend for training. I said to myself, I said, "Daniel, you have to do a 50 miler as well." I don't know what logical thought was going through my head that made me want to do that after the scenario I just described above. But I did. So I looked up a 56 mile route that went up to table rock, packed my gear, and rode. It was a beautiful day, so I shed my sweatshirt and was rolling in my tank top. Took a couple wrong turns. I had to ask a cop for directions. Anyways. Four hours pass, and I still wasn't to the halfway-turn around point of the loop I was doing. I thought, "Daniel, where are you?". I kept riding and ten minutes later or so I get crazy muscle cramps in my quads. I'm talking about the "I can't walk, and it hurts to sit" muscle cramps. Not a good situation when you are 4 hours of bike riding away from where you live. Oh, and I didn't have cell service in the mountains. Crap. Found a gas station. I bought and chugged a carton of delicious Orange Juice, and started pounding waters down. My cramps went away after a short nap. I got on my bike, 10 minutes later RE-CRAMPED. Not a good situation. I had cell service at this point, so I called a lot of friends. All of them too busy to come pick me up, even though I made it specifically clear that I was stranded at Table Rock. Ashley Williams, (an angel I might add), found it in the goodness of her heart to come get me an hour away. I took a nap while waiting for her. I now have an unbelievably painful and bright sunburn in the beautiful shape of a tank top across my back. Yippeee. not.

I checked my route, I ended up biking about 44 miles. If I had finished the loop, I would have done around 76.

Morals of the story.
1.) Drink water.
2.) Drink more water than that.
3.) Go left on Meece Mill Rd. instead of Right.

I am an idiot.

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