Sunday, April 17, 2011

Almost 60... Almost.

Yesterday concluded my longest bike ride to date in training for this summer. I biked almost 60 miles. It was a great day. I did it in a pinch less than 4 hours. I also biked for close to 20 miles into a headwind. That sucked. Bahaha. Anyways.

23, soon to be 22 days until departure. This is getting really crazy. I talk to Fletch almost everyday. We are just constantly getting jacked up about this trip. We decided that skinny dipping in every body of water/river we can find, without getting in trouble, is now on the to-do list. So we are making huge steps in progress for major trip decisions. We will figure out the little stuff, like our route, when we get to that part of the journey.

On a high note, I made Pimiento Mac n' Cheese for dinner last night. I'm talking, gooey, spicy, cheesy, creamy, beautiful, delicious Mac n' Cheese. Oh. My. Yummy.

That is all.

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