Monday, May 30, 2011


Saturday night, I was attacked after I put up camp. It was some crazy animal. It had a coat 6 inches thick, pure white. It was howling and growling the entire night at me, and kept shaking the tent like crazy. I wasn't bothered by it until I woke up. It had a bite that got me straight to the bone. It somehow managed to nick my front tire too, which was left outside the tent over night, so the air was super low when I woke up. I didn't see him while I was packing up the tent that morning, but he followed me for a good 15 miles. He wouldn't dang leave me alone. It was pretty stupid. I ended up hitching a ride for about 7 miles in a truck, to get away from him. We turned a corner around a mountain, and he was just gone after that. In the clear and good to go.

I got dropped off at Split Rock Cafe. So far, my favorite cafe of the trip. Miss Kris was my waitress and actually provided good advice for my trip. The route I had sucked pretty bad. There was a 200 mile section with absolutely nothing on it. We deemed that as "unsafe and stupid to ride alone." It turns out I am on the TransAmerican Bike Route right now, so I decided to follow that sucker to Denver. I have about 240 miles left till I reunite with Fletcher.

At the cafe, I got a full stack of pancakes. They were legitimately 13 inches wide, and and inch thick apiece. It came with three. Very few meals I have had on the trip have filled me up after I finished them, but that was a whole lotta pancake in my belly. I spent an extra hour there researching the route and getting dry. I order a couple roast beef sandwiches for the road for Linner...(lunch/dinner). These sandwiches weren't deli meat like I thought. They were thick cuts of roast beef, tons of fixin's, and a couple slices of bacon on each one. I still can't believe how good it was. Thank you Split Rock Cafe for being great, I award you best cafe West of the Continental Divide.

I booked it to Rawlins after I left Jeffrey City (where the cafe was.) It was really flat and I had a ton of tail wind. I did 66 miles in about 4 hours. I got an awesome phone call from Brooke George as she was driving back to Florida. It was really great to catch up with her and see how she is doing.

I am now staying at a KOA campground. I burnt my tongue all the way across the middle of it last night before bed. I forgot that metal gets hot when you heat it, and tried to take a sip of tea out of the pan before it cooled. I am stupid.

4% battery life means I gotta go.

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