Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nine and Dine

Yes, I should have made this post yesterday when there were actually 9 days left to my trip. As of now, there are 8. But I am lazy and "8 and dine" does not rhyme, and that is the whole intention with a blog is to make funny witty rhymes for all the titles.. right? Ok, so maybe not.

Anyways, I now leave in 8 days. Since my bike has been packed up, I am looking for other avenues to help me train in this last week for my trip. Mountain biking was that avenue. I am not the greatest mountain biker. But I like to go as fast as possible. This video is really funny, and is a poor testament to my mountain biking abilities. But I promise you will laugh, make sure the volume is up. I got kinda hurt. But since it was funny, it is all good.

But yah, Chip and I had a great 2 hour bike ride/ jumping off Issaquenna Dam/ Rope swing adventure yesterday. The water was great and the temperature was unbelievable. It makes me laugh thinking people are sitting in the library wasting there valuable time studying when this incredible outdoor playground is a 5 minute drive away. What a bunch of noobs.

As for the "dine" in the title. I had the pleasure of cooking a meal with a couple friends on Sunday night. We made some really dang good stuff. The highlight was the French Vanilla Chocolate Tiramisu. Everyone I know that has tried it has had their jaw drop after taking a bite. It turned out pretty amazing. Fluffy and coffeey and soOOO good. If you want to have some, well that sucks. You will have to come visit me in Chattanooga in the fall, and I will make it for you.

I bashed up my shin while biking, and it is throbbing.

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