Thursday, May 26, 2011

Up and Up

Yesterday was a great day. A great, great day. I got up at 7 to get ready, and planned to be out the door by 9. Kev left a message saying to me that the first pass I needed to get through into Jackson (there are two) is super dangerous. There is no shoulder, it is really windy, and it is heavily trafficked. So he asked Sheila to drive me North for a while, so I could come up the valley in between those two passes. So we decided to do that. Don't worry, I still did the hard climb.

When we were getting ready to leave, Sheila had made a whole batch of cookies for me, breakfast burritos for breakfast, and packed lunch for us. Seriously, she is one of the kindest people I know. We drove up into that valley and had a little picnic with her granddaughter, right at the foot of the Teton mountains. The weather was 70 degrees and sunny.

I started biking. It was about 20 uneventful miles till I started the climb through the pass. By uneventful, I mean a gorgeous valley ride between two huge mountain ranges only a mile away on both sides. I would stop every now and then to munch on the the leftover steak that Sheila made me take with me. I stopped at the foot of it and repaired my front rear fender. It got bent out of shape pretty bad. I then left, without putting it back on. I just left it on the side of the road. I have no idea why that happened. Now I am a little upset by it, because it is predicted to rain for the next week. IDIOT.

I started the climb for the Teton Pass. I could not get this stupid smile off my face for some reason. I was so excited. The pass is a 10% grade, for 4 miles, up to about 9000 feet (almost). If you don't know what a 10% grade looks like, lift your eyes from your computer and find the nearest wall. Now imagine biking up that, cause that is what it is like. My first two climbing gears were out of wack too, so I didn't even have a climbing gear to work with. It was pretty stupid how hard/ long it took me to climb that. It was unbelievable. Climbing over the top of the ridge to look down into Jackson Hole valley was the most beautiful part of the trip so far.

Going down was one of the worst parts. A 10% grade into really windy hills is super hard to do when your bike is fully loaded and there are cars zipping by you at 50 miles per hour. I never once got to let it out. It was too gravely in the corners, I would have been toast. At the bottom I got a flat. I fixed the flat, rode about 3 miles, and got another flat. Jackson is a super bike friendly area, but seriously, I was pretty mad I got two flats so close to each other. Livid. Clean up the shoulders Jackson.

I rolled up to Camp Creek Inn. It is owned by Miss Sherry, who owns the camp that Will Cannon worked at a couple summers ago. He talked to one of his friends, Colby, who is the assistant camp director, to get me a place to stay. Sherry put me up in one of the cabins for as long as I want. She also got me some dinner, (taco night at the restaurant). We talked about Will Cannon and how much of a goon he is for about an hour. It was super fun.

I played with some baby chickens that Lucy and Colby bought. I've never played with chickens. Kit, I think we should get chickens for the house next year.

I am going to take another off day today. My legs feel great and I am not really tired, but I am not going to be in Jackson for a while, and would love to explore town. Sherry is letting me borrow their extra car for the day to go. So I will let you know how that goes.

Oh, and it is snowing right now. It is almost June. Good work Jackson, good work.


  1. Reading your blog is now my favorite part of the day sometimes. I check it daily for new posts. To comment on one of your posts from earlier this week, I was reading a book that took place in the Teton Mountains, so that is kind of cool you are there. Miss you lots.

  2. I miss you too miss Nathalie. It is incredible out here. I think you would love it. Except it is cold. I could live without that part. but besides that, gorgeous.