Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I take play breaks for studying. So I don't play too much.

Well this week has definitely been adventure filled. Last night, MC, Kenzie, Kit, Miles, and I all went to Atamis Japanese Express for dinner. I wanted to eat there, and the girls wanted to come back and eat in their apartment. So I suggested an alternative. We ended up staying and hitchhiked back. I think my pedofile-esk beard had a lot to do with a lot of rejection from so many drivers. But the rain that was happening caused some sort of sympathy in Russ, our driving saviour. So we ended up succesfully hitchhiking back from Atamis. I would consider this good practice for the hitchhiking that is probably going to happen this summer. I can't wait to bum a ride from someone to the nearest town when my bike breaks down or we get hit by a car. Whatever happens, happens. Right?

Also, today in adventure land. I got to go mountain biking with Chip, Paul, and Kit again. We hit a couple really good runs (which were kind of wet from the rain last night). We ended up going to the dam/rope swing. I told Paul the dam would be fine to jump off of, so he did. The dam isn't necessarily the highest thing in the world, it is only probably 30-35 feet. The problem is you have to jump out 10-14 feet to clear the concrete that makes up the dam. So once that fear is conquered, you are good to go. So I said I wasn't going to jump. Paul had jumped twice already. Chip manned up and jumped. Kit manned up and jumped. I wasn't about to be the guy that turned out to be the girl, and didn't jump with the rest of the men. Walked to the edge, checked my path, got a running start, and just did it. So now that's out of the way and off my list, I am certainly never doing that crap again. But it was worth every second of that 3 second free fall, 4 feet from a concrete wall.

Life was beautiful today. Just beautiful.

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