Friday, May 13, 2011

The Pacific Ocean.

Well I have already lost track of time. I feel like the date doesn't matter at all. Yesterday morning was our first ride heading east. We woke up and Amy made us cinnamon raisin french toast and sausage. I put down a ton of that, a couple glasses of orange juice, a cup of coffee, two cliff bars, and a huge chunk of brownie for breakfast. (I have been eating more than normal humans do, it's pretty funny seeing how much I have been throwing down.) But they went to work while Fletcher and I got our trip stuff packed. Having warm and dry socks and gloves after freezing to death in the rain was a great great perk to staying in a house. I would have quit if it rained again. Well, maybe not.

We rode over the bay bridge and headed down to Historic Nye Beach. The entire coast of Oregon seems to be on a giant cliff over the ocean, so I rode down a super steep trail. Bike tire in the Pacific Ocean.... Check. Sand in my shoes.... Check. The sand on the west coast makes me equally mad as the sand on the east coast, so if you are traveling to the beaches here in hopes of better sand, don't. It is a waste of time. It is all the same, it is all annoying.

We started back on a beautiful sunny day with a full belly through the Oregon Coast Mountain Range. There was a huge amount of construction on the road starting at mile 15 or so. I think people didn't want to have to bother with it, so took other routes, because we didn't see very many cars for almost 2 hours. So it was a beautiful quiet mountain road. It was a good ride. We rode a little faster yesterday. Overall for the day we averaged 10 mph including stops. So that is pretty good time. I am happy with the rate we rode.

Got back to Corvallis really tired. We called Janae and we ended up going out to play disc golf with a bunch of her friends. She had to go to work, so she wasn't even there. It was pretty funny. It was Ben, Brandon, Tristan, Bryan, Sam, Taylor, and Charlotte. I am terrible at disc golf now. But the course out here was really good. Everyone drinks a ton of beer when they play. That made me laugh even harder, because as the game went on, people cared less about how they were doing. By the last hole they were like, "let's just leave."

For dinner we went to American Dream Pizza, a little campus hole in the wall pizza place. I got the classic pepperoni and sausage calzone by recommendation of the waitress. Except for the Emerald Kettle in Pike's Market, Seattle, this was the best calzone I have ever had. It was so good.

I went home and passed out. What a good day.

Bring it on Cascade Mountain Range.

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