Monday, May 23, 2011

Fundraising Opportunity

Hey guys, just a quick question for help from y'all. As I was getting sun burned in the high desert yesterday, I had a quick thought about using this trip as a fundraising technique. The only reason I thought of that is there are a lot more people following this trip than I anticipated. (I was thinking it would be in the 10-15 range, I am off by a lot actually.)

SO, here is the deal. The reason I am biking so long, and so hard, and solo, is to get back to Clemson U. in time to take some of my highschool friends to camp. We go to YL camp in Colorado, on June 29th (yes, we take a bus almost directly along the same route I will be biking along for 4 weeks, greeeat.) This is a life changing opportunity for all of them. Since camps are not really the cheapest of things, I would love for you all to get involved. It is hard to get that kind of money in high school. Since I am not in Clemson to help with fundraising, this could be a super good opportunity to raise it. (Keep in mind none of this money goes to this trip, I have already had this paid for. It also doesn't cover my camp fees, which I have already covered. It goes only to the highschooler's camp costs.)

SOOO. If you feel financially able, or just really want to, I would love for y'all to donate moneys per mile of my trip. The total trip is 3300 miles. So if you donated a penny per mile, that's $33. If you wanted to donate a dollar per mile, that is $3300. That is your choice. (I vote for the dollar/ mile, I am just saying)

If you do want to help, you can send checks to:

Young Life Tri-County
PO Box 512
Anderson , SC 29622-0512

Make them out to Tri-County Young Life.

Make sure in the memo line you write: DW DANIEL HIGHSCHOOL BOYS-CAMP
(that is to make sure that the money you donate goes to the Daniel HS boy's camp funds.) I am pretty sure that all donations are tax deductible.

If you don't want to give, or don't have a job at all (all my friends, I am talking to you) Seriously, just let your parents know about the blog, let you friends and neighbors know about it, your businesses, your churches, anybody. Anything we raise helps. Everything that we can't raise, I have to cover, which isn't a big deal, but this could lift a huge financial burden from my shoulders. (yeah, I am selfish.)

So let people know about it. It seriously means the world to me, and to these highschool friends of mine.

If you have any questions at all, call me or send me a text or email.

Y'all are great people, thanks for listening to my begging. Time to go ride 80 miles. Whoop whoop.

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