Monday, May 9, 2011

Day -1

So I haven't put much on the old blog in a couple days. I think that the reasoning for that is due to a large amount of nothing. I have been playing like crazy and haven't really had a lot to do. I procrastinated for the trip until today, and it was great. Today I had to pack and clean, which wasn't stressful, but I do wish I had done it sooner. This weekend, I helped move 6 different people out of their apartments. Saying goodbyes suck, but I love to make them awkward. This year I figured that the best way to go about that is the "see yah in 2012, dueces." I don't think people really appreciated that. But I thought that it was funny. So I guess that's all that matters.

So yah, today is day negative 1. In 8 ho
urs from now, I will be loading up on the plane and taking off to the beautiful land of Oregon. Which is like 310o miles from where I am sitting right here in Greenville, SC. I got to play in my first official volleyball game today, with the Childes' brothers. We won 2/3 which is pretty good in my opinion. I think they really wanted to win, but it was fine with me. I got to bring out the old Lazy Limbs playin' (which you may have never seen, but it is actually quite effective, ask me about it sometime.)

ANNNNYways. Yah, tonight we are getting ready to head over to get icecream and coffee in downtown Greenville. Then up at 4:30 to roll out to the airport. Super pumped, I will post in the airport tomorrow.

Here is the crew.

Off to bed... I don't think soooo.

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