Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 0

Day zero.

I really am really tired. 5 hours of sleep, and up at five o'clock is not the way to go. Stupid life choices. Benj brought me to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I love little airports in the morning, because there are no lines and everyone is so happy. I talked to the security guy about my hair for a good five minutes. It is looking crazy this morning, and he saw the picture of my from back when it was 11 inches. That made me laugh. Also, they took my bag off the belt and said they had to run a "liquid test". For those of you that have never seen the "liquid test," it was him taking my bag and rubbing what looked like a baby wipe all over the plastic clips. If that was a security threat to an airplane, then ok, do it. But to me it looked like he just wiped baby bottom cleaner all over my bag handles. That ain't cool airport man.

But seriously, this is about to get super crazy in 5 minutes. My gate is being called next. I am about to step on a plane to Portland. I am about to bike across the country. Dang.

I am about to sleep for a whole plane trip. Word.

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