Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The night of day 0.

Well, a lot happened in the span of yesterday aftnoon.

Fletcher's flight got to the airport 45 minutes early somehow. That is remarkable since he was only flying from Denver. Pilot had a lead foot I guess (do planes have gas pedals?). So we went outside to wait for our shuttle that arrived in an hour. Fletcher had a cloth frisbee so we were obnoxiously playing with that in front of a ton of people sitting on the benches. In the first hour here, we already accomplished what the main point of the trip is supposed to be. Our goal for this trip is to go and meet people. To love them like Jesus did and talk to them. So we met a lady named Amy Chapman (if your reading this today Amy, hello.) We sat next to her on the 2 hour bus ride to Corvallis. We talked to Amy about our trip and got to know her. Amy lives in Newport, OR, where we are going to be biking today. She invited us over for our first meal of the trip. She and her husband John are making a fresh Salmon Barbeque for us for our first meal. ARE YOU KIDDING?! That's crazy.

First, I love salmon so much.
Second, Southern Hospitality lives in Oregon apparently, so that is so sick.

So when we were talking to Amy, we also started talking to another lady named Lulu. She offered to call her daughter who lives in Sisters, OR to see if she will put us up for the night in a couple of days. At this rate we won't have to camp at all. Which would be kinda nice for fresh meals the entire trip.

So we got to Fletcher's Aunt Charlotte's house. (Does anyone know how to do punctuation/ownership for the previous sentence correctly. I am stumped) We found out my bike hadn't arrived yet. Well crap, that sucks. That is what I thought at least. We found the tracking number, looked on the website, no stinkin clue where that bike was. Seriously we called 4 or 5 numbers and got nothing. We heard they may make stops until 6 o'clock. So we waited starting at 5:30. Sure enough, right before 6, bike arrived. I have never been so excited. I freaked out enough that the FedEx guy didn't really know what to do. We took the bikes out. Decided to put them together later, then rolled out to dinner. (We had a gift card for a pretty good pasta place from Aunt Charlotte.)

Again, we start meeting people. Our server was Janae. She was a junior/senior at OSU. She was pretty funny. I am curious what her thoughts were on us, since all we talked about was biking. We were in a weeeeird mood. Anyways, we invited her to go for a bike ride with us after she got off work. We didn't end up going on account of the time zone difference. I was passed out just walking around at 9:30 at night. Way past my bedtime. But we are going to the local bike shop to meet up with her this morning, and when we come back through Corvallis in 2 days, we are going to grab coffee with her and a group of friends.

west coast coffee places> east coast coffee places.

Got home. Put the bike together. I couldn't get the brakes to work very well. They still don't. I will hopefully figure them out. (don't read that last line Mom).

Guys. My first day was awesome. This trip is going to be crazy. We leave for our first ride in 4-5 hours. I am glad you are reading this. Send me texts or phone calls or anything really. I'll keep in touch. Can't wait to hear what you are doing with your summers as well.

Go love people.

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  1. Daniel: Thank you for warning me not to read the part about the brakes, AFTER you wrote it. If you had warned me first, I would have read it with my eyes closed. Enjoy and have a safe trip.