Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't you just love...

... When Lucy and Colby let you make breakfast from their fridge, even when they weren't there. Yummy, eggs and peanut butter toast.

...Miss Sherry, the nicest lady ever. I can't wait to visit her again.

...When you fix your bike without breaking something else on it in the process.

...When an 80% chance of snow all day turns out to be blue skies and sunny.

...meeting German solo bikers riding in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Good luck Klaus.

...When you expected a hard day, and then day ended up being super easy and flat.

... When more than one of your good friends call you, not to talk about the trip, but just to talk because they miss your voice.

...When a cop pulls you over for going 33 in a 30, and asks you, "why were you speeding, son?"

...When the lady serving you at Subway doubles everything just because you were nice to her, and she still only charges you 5 dollars for the largest sub you've ever had at a Subway.

...when the free Super Gaiter that Sheila gave you from the KLU inventory ends up saving your chapped lips, and doubling as a hat to keep your ears warm at night.

...talking to both sets of grandparents, your parents, and your baby sister.

...when people stop to ask if everything is alright, even though you are only taking a pee break. So awkward.

...when what you thought was a 90 mile day, was actually a 100 mile day.

...when you can't get a smile off your face for the entire day, just because you know how much the Lord has blessed you.

...when semi trucks move all the way over to the other lane, and the pocket of air that travels behind them give you an extra little uumph as they pass by.

...the smell of fresh cut grass.

...when your chapped lips are still healing, even though you have lost 4 purchases of Carmax.

... riding bikes. Life.

-yah, me too. Welcome to my day, Friday, May 27.



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