Monday, June 6, 2011

It's always good after the bad.

I woke up to a bunny rabbit this morning. A giant bunny though. I am talking the Hercules of bunny rabbits. He was just doing his thing in the field next to where I was camping. He looked like a horse though. Seriously, he was giant. I packed up camp and got as far as I could with my tire. I would ride for 5-9 minutes. Then spend 2-3 minutes pumping it back up. I did this for over an hour. It was getting a little tiresome to say the least. I finally rolled up to a tiny Baptist church in the middle of nowhere. They were in the middle of service, so I just sat on the front bench for an hour. A guy named Shane came out during the service and we talked for a little while. He said he could try to arrange a ride for me to get to St. Francis. I said splendid.

Ina Mae. Pronounced like Anime. One of the sweetest old ladies I have ever met. This lady is a rock everyone. She drove me 35 miles to St. Francis, which is 65 miles in the wrong direction of her house. We got to talk a lot about Jesus, which was awesome. She was kind of crazy. An old farmer's wife. She told me about all of the adventures she used to have when she was younger. I came to realize it was the only vacation her and her husband took in 45 years of working a farm. It was for one week. They toured the entire eastern USA. She was great. She won't find this blog, so she won't get mad at me for putting her name online. She said she didn't want to have part in this "silly Internet thing" (referring to my blog/the Internet in general).

We got to St. Francis, and pulled into the Hilltop General Store. The shop owner pulled out a phone book, and we called my trip saver, Les. Les is a huge HUGE guy. Not ripped, just a big man. But this guy loves to bike. He brought me a spare tire, two tubes, and a patch kit. Worth about 90 dollars. The tire was brand new. Those folding tires that I put on my bike, which took me both tire irons to peel on and off, yah, he pulled them off the wheel with his bare hands. What a man. We set the bike up, and I was good to roll out. He was a great guy. Apparently his son made a bike that is hand-powered. Then pedaled it to the top of a 14,000 ft mountain in Colorado. That is absurd. Les, thanks again so much man, you saved my trip for sure.

I cranked out another 40 miles. I am now in Atwood, KS. For dinner, I don't know why I was so hungry. I ate a large supreme pizza from Pizza Hut, and then went to the grocery store and ate a quart of moose tracks ice cream. That is pretty disgusting. I still can't believe how hungry I was. I found a cool little park in Atwood. Lot's of trees and a little lake. I got to talk to a lot of friends last night, which was really nice, since the last two days have been a bummer. I am excited to ride hard now, and am ready to get out of Kansas too.

Less than a week ago... 6 Inches of Snow.

Today.... 100 Degrees.

It don't make no sense.


Oh, and I finally got the oatmeal I needed.

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  1. Glad to hear that you finally got your oatmeal. Good times.