Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's getting hot...too hot

After I wrote the last blog post, I got ready for bed. It was so hot. I ended up sleeping in a pair of shorts just lying on my sleeping pad with nothing else. Around 4 in the morning is when I decided to put a t-shirt on to warm up a bit. I don't honestly know how I slept.

I got up early, went to the store, then headed out. I was cranking out miles while it was still cool outside. But man, that sun got pretty dang hot. I know that I keep coming back to the sun, and how hot it is, but it is just so dry. I don't see sweat, because it just evaporates immediately. I am sucking down liquids like nobodies business. The salt from the sweat just cakes up on my arms and face, so I have these white streaks across my skin. I am also starting to smell pretty funky, so I think I am on the point of unwelcomeness when meeting people. I hope that I get that far.

One of the highlights of my day was when Miles Bryan, aka Miles dreads (in my phone, may his dreads rest in peace.... I should change it to Miles LETTUCE) gave me a call to make sure I wasn't dead. He was concerned for my safety. I really do love getting calls from friends just seeing how I am doing and talking. It is really great. So Miles, here is your shout out, you are the man.

I got to Phillipsburg in good time. I went to my new favorite restaurant, the Chubby Pickle. I had a bowl of chili and a hot pastrami sandwich. You know a place is good when they don't accept cards. Well since that is all I had, they told me to just go to the ATM at the gas station next door. The card I have is super worn out, and only works 1 in 5 times. It obviously didn't work in the gas station, so I sulked over to the Chubby Pickle and told them I couldn't get any cash out and to cancel my order. I was super upset, since I had been looking forward to this meal since I saw the restaurant online the day before. As I was leaving, the lady in the kitchen said, "keep 'im here, the meal is on us." So, I got to stay and eat for free. I talked to the waitress and the cook, and told them about the trip, why I was doing, etc. They said that the meal was there contribution to my having a crazy life and God bless. I really loved they gave me a free meal. It was probably the best pastrami sandwich I have ever had. That is my favorite sandwich, so it is saying something.

I was still hungry, but couldn't really order anything else from them, so I went to Pizza Hut. Little known fact, a town could be 12 people in population in Kansas, and probably still has a Pizza Hut in it. It is in every single town I have passed through. It is kind of nuts. I got the Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers. I ate the whole order. Chocolate covered dough that you dip in chocolate... this is why people are overweight.

I rode my bike another 4 miles down the road, and found a little copse of trees in a farm. I decided to stop there for the night.


It was down hill so it took me three trips to get all my stuff down there, plus getting it all over the barbed wire fence. I was down there for maybe all of 2 minutes when mosquitoes started evaporating out of nowhere. I just hopped in my tent without the poles in it and talked to my mom for a while. I also talked to Greg Stephens which was pretty cool.

I put on my big boy pants (there are no real big boy pants, this is a little term I made up for Man'n up.) and went and set up the tent as fast as possible. I only got eaten alive about a billion times. But no squitos got in the tent. I slept like a baby.

It is about to get more buggy.

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