Sunday, June 12, 2011

Missouri Backroads

I woke up this morning to cool 64 degrees, and overcast skies. This is the perfect weather combination for crushing miles. I biked 10 miles to Cameron, MO and stopped at a McDonald's to see the route for the next couple of days. McDonald's was over run by these little critters called middle schoolers. They should probably get that pest problem fixed. It was really funny watching them all interact. They are a herd of animals. Seriously, none of them did anything on their own. Parents, I am sorry I was like that.

Highway 36 was a super busy road through MO, and I just wanted to get off it. I planned a route to the Katy trail on some back highways. The going was awesome. It was still hilly, but the hills were shorter, so you could go down and then ride the momentum back up to the top of the next one. It was just a splendid day of riding. It was really pretty out. It stayed cool.

As I was biking, I found an Amish bakery, Die Brott Pann Bakery. I got a loaf of banana bread and three molasses cookies for 3 bucks. The banana bread was incredible, and the cookies tasted like chewy ginger snaps. The younger boy and girl at the counter stared at me like crazy while I was in the shop. After I payed, I ate outside, and I caught them staring at me through the window. The did the whole, "we weren't looking at you" charade, and then turned around. I guess they don't see funny looking guys in tights on a regular basis. They watched me until I left the parking lot.

I met a few people during the day, and they all told me to go to Waverly Apple Barbecue for dinner. So I did. I had a pulled brisket sandwich with chips and pickles, and freshly picked apple pie topped with homemade ice cream. I can say the brisket was in my top 3 favorite barbecue category. The pie was the best pie of the trip, without a doubt. That meal cost me 7 dollars. There was so much brisket on that sandwich, I was pretty full at the end of it. That is a huge sandwich.

I finished the day by talking to Kit for 45 minutes. We decided to kayak the Mississippi together. Any other guys in for next summer? I have all the gear, you just need to buy food. Let me know, it'll be another adventure.

5 people stopped while I was talking to Kit, to see if I was OK. I told them all yes. The last guy that asked me, Burr (that was his name, so cool), said I could sleep on this piece of woods on his buddies farm. So I slept there for the night.

1 day till the Katy Trail.

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  1. Lettuce Head BryanJune 14, 2011 at 9:47 AM

    I want in on anything with you and kit...including the mississippi river