Monday, June 20, 2011

A little harder than I thought.

**First off, sorry I haven't posted a blog in a couple days. It has been not available, and I got lazy yesterday and today. Which will be explained in a blog or two.**

I woke up at the Borden's and made a good breakfast. Milk, cereal, fruit, chocolate pie, ice cream, and skittles. I definitely couldn't complain. I let the girls sleep in and finished up my route on the computer. When they finally woke up, I got to talk to them for just a little while, then packed up and headed out.

I thought the day would be super fast. The first 30 miles were bookin. I definitely made great time on those. The weather was super good and felt great as well. I got off of highway 111 and turned onto another road. That is where things got a little difficult. I started going into a lot of curvy climbs. It was incredible out. It was really really pretty. The mountains were clean. That is the only word I can use to describe them. It was just really clean. The smells, the air, the forests themselves. It was splendid. I ended up climbing for a solid hour to the top of this valley. I then hit 8% grades all the way down. That is so fun. These roads were super curvy too. Since there were no cars, it was just a really serene ride. It was down into the Sesquatchie Valley. This was by far one of my favorite rides. It was just cruising and great.

The climb out was a little rough. It was also an 8% grade climb. I made great time on it though for that kind of climb, since my hill crank was working.

At the top of the far side was a little truck selling tacos out of the back. A little portable taqueria. So delicious. I payed 5 bucks and ate a good amount in incredible tacos. It was one of the highlights of my day.

I went as fast as I could, hoping to get to Cleveland, TN for the night, but never made it. I found some awesome woods on the side of the road near Georgetown, TN. I slept so well. It was just a really pretty day. The only problem was I think I started to get an infection in my eyes. They became super sensitive to the light, so I couldn't get my contacts to stop freaking out. They also got really hard to see out of when I was wearing glasses, cause there was no UV protection. That was kind of bummer. They didn't hurt, but they wouldn't stay open. It was kind of funny.

Don't think you are better at riding bikes then you are, or old old old men will pass you while you are riding. It might be embarrassing.

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