Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a cool off day.

So first off, before we continue, I wasn't attacked by an animal. For all of those people that have expressed concerned about my being attacked, it was a snow storm. I was bored and wanted to see if anybody could solve the riddle, without being told that it was a riddle. SOOO, I was in a crazy snow storm, not attacked by a wild animal. Read it again, it will probably make more sense. Annnyways.

Today will be a short blog.

I woke up. My legs hurt really bad. It was a long day yesterday. I guess they didn't hurt, they were just sore. I made a huge breakfast, and got to talk with Bailey (Fletcher's sister) for an hour before she went to work. We watched Beverly Hills 90210 on the Soap network. What a ridiculous show. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it did make me laugh.

Fletch and I hung out at the house for a couple hours just mapping out the ride for the next couple weeks and watching TV. We are roughly 1200 miles from Murfreesboro, and 1500 miles from Clemson. We want to be through there in two to three weeks.

I then took my first nap in about a month. And it was GLORIOUSSSS. I slept on my arms crumpled up underneath me. I didn't move for an hour and a half. Let's talk about crazy dead arms and painful reawakening. I had cramps in my wrists. It was pretty funny. The nap was so needed though. I loved it.

Willy C finally came up from Colorado Springs and it was incredible to see him. I have missed him a ton, so it was awesome to see him out here in Denver. I will only get to see him once, maybe twice, for the next year, since I have the internship in the fall.

So the three of us went out to a local Italian place, hole in the wall. Just plain yummy. Cafe Jordona. It was a ton of food, with a decent price. Urban Spoon rated it high in Denver, number 9 I think. I would go back there for sure.

The best part of the day happened when we rolled over to Invesco at Mile High (where the Denver Broncos play football.) Erick is the man. Even though we got there late, he still came and met us at the gate and got us tickets to the game. We sat in the thick of the Mexico fan section, so we of course cheered for Mexico. We met some people around us and screamed like crazy folk when Mexico scored a goal. It was so sick. I want to go to a World Cup match like crazy. Erick came up to the seats after the second half and I got to talk bikes with him for a while. This guy is awesome. He used to do IronMans, and just follows around soccer games for his job with Napa. We talked bike tours. He is so enthusiastic about life, and it is pretty awesome to see. So Erick, whenever you are in East Tennessee, Northern GA, or West SC/NC, make sure you call me man, so we can meet up. It was sick to meet you.

Willy C gave us a ride home, and now has an hour and a half drive back home before he has to work in the morning. It was a great day. Great friends and great experiences.

My eyeball sockets are dry. Which means it is time for a good cry, or bed.... I choose bed. Goodnight.

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