Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seabrook Island

Steve and I woke up at 7. We made a delicious little meal of some oatmeal for breakfast. Like I haven't had enough of that on the trip...(every morning for breakfast).

We packed up camp and rode over to the gas station at the end of the road. We set up the bikes and rode out. This was one of my favorite rides of the entire trip for multiple reasons.

1.) I haven't talked to Steve in a long time, so it was good to catch up with him.
2.) The air was really cool, not too hot.
3.) Steve let me draft off him.
4.) It was on the outskirts of Charleston
5.) It was only 50 miles.
6.) Flatter than a pancake, so we were booking it. We averaged like 17 or something like that. If you are curious, that is flying when you are fully loaded down.

Steve and I rode about 40 miles together when he split off to get picked up by his brother. That meant only 10 miles for me to go to the coast. I decided to grab lunch at Crave International Food. I had a low-country Philly cheese steak. It was beef brisket, smoked provolone, and peppers and onions. And it was incredible.

I biked the last 4 miles to Seabrook Island. I could smell the salt in the ocean and it was a beautiful thing. I started to bike onto Seabrook Island. It is a gated island, so you have to have a pass to get on. I went by the guard, and he gave me the pass that let me "park" on the island/not get arrested. He said, "make sure you don't loose that, it is really important for bikers." He then started laughing like crazy. I don't think bikers ever get parking passes, so that was pretty funny.


I was so jacked. Seabrook Island is super pretty. It is the cleanest and lushest island I have been to on the East Coast. I love it there. I rolled up to the Welcome Center, and Charnise, Thomas, and Andrew Avent saw me from the lunch room. They came out and we had a big old hug fest. It was great. Thomas got me hooked up with my room. And by room, I mean resort lodging. I was in a super nice hotel-esque room over looking the camp and the ocean. I was pretty pumped about the arrangement.

I went to the beach to hang out with Slammer as he was life guarding. I got to see some fellow Clemson friends there as well. It was awesome just getting to hang out with all of them.

I went and took a nap, then headed off for the dining hall. I got to meet a ton of new kids, and have dinner with Charnise. Char, Walker, and Jessica (my two new friends), and I went down to Fairfields right off of Seabrook island. They do live music there every Friday night. We danced with about a hundred kids shorter than 4 foot tall. Acting goofy is all I wanted to do. It was a blast.

We got back, and hung out in the chapel. We got to worship a little bit. I helped Slammer make the rounds of the camp, to make sure everyone is asleep. We then went back and played signs with the rest of the staff. It was just fun.

And then I ate some Oreos. And then I went to bed.

I guess I still haven't technically finished the trip.a

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