Monday, June 6, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good

Fletcher and I are finally ready to ride together again. I got up super early today to double check the route we are taking and to clean up the bathroom and living room of Bailey's house. I made a little breakfast and then made sure Fletch was up. We got out bikes packed up in about an hour, finished cleaning, and double checked the house to make sure we didn't forget anything. Then we were off.

First stop, the grocery store. I keep forgetting to buy oatmeal for breakfasts. And it is making me really upset. I love oatmeal in the mornings, yet I forgot to get it again. So dang. I managed to get the raisins to put IN the oatmeal. Just didn't get the oatmeal. If you look at the word oatmeal closely like I am doing right now, it is a weird looking word. Oat and Meal. That is kind of funny. Oatmeal. hmmm.

We got on the road. The hardest part of yesterday was getting through Denver. It is a pretty wide city. The bike path's are actually just lesser trafficked roads, so we had to navigate our way across the city through back roads. We have a map of Denver's bike routes, so it wasn't terribly hard, but we had to stop every 10 blocks to double check if we were going to hit a dead end road or not. That was pretty funny. We met this biker named Jon, and he took us on this one route the entire second half of the city, all the way out to highway 36, the road we needed. He was super nice. He rode way out of his way to help us out.

We rode for a little over an hour and then stopped for lunch at a diner. They had a pretty good chicken fried steak. Not the best of the trip so far, but top three for sure. As we were leaving the city/diner, we passed some area where they train jet fighters. There were two jets doing formations, crazy barrel rolls and flips and tricks a hundred feet off the ground. Nuts. We stopped and watched them do that for a little while. It was crazy.

Highway 36 is pretty boring. If you look it up on a your handy dandy google maps app, you can tell that it is a straight line from Denver to where ever, for hundreds of miles. And that is the road we are on for a good ways. True to the map, it is certainty in a straight line, and it doesn't deviate much. That kind of stinks. The shoulder is huge and smooth though. In that aspect, I think it is the nicest thing I have ridden on besides the bike path in Jackson, WY.

With it being so flat, with no trees, we slept in a ditch tonight. I don't know what kind of animal digs multiple 1.5 foot wide holes in the ground in multiple locations, but I really hope I don't find out tonight when I sleep under the stars. We are hoping to be in Kansas tomorrow. That is about a hundred mile day. It is going to be good. I can't wait to get home in a couple weeks to the 100 degrees with 100% humidity. Wait, I could definitely wait for the second half of that statement.

It is good to have Fletcher back on the ride. We had pillow talk for a good hour and a half last night. It will be nice having real talk on a regular basis again. Not that I wasn't happy before, it was just different, a good kind of different. We listened to music and saw a gnarly sunset before bed. It looked like an inferno.

I am sitting next to some cactus as I write this. Pointy.

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