Sunday, June 26, 2011

This blog is about food.

Ok, so this blog isn't entirely about food. But it does contain the best meal of my entire trip.

I woke up and said goodbye to all of the roommates. It was already super hot outside, so that was a bummer in itself. I feel like the trip almost ended in Clemson more than it was supposed to end at the beach. I decided to go back roads through Anderson instead of taking the main highway straight through.

Dumb idea, I got lost about 17 miles from Clemson. That is pretty embarrassing. I had to call my dad. When I say I got lost, I actually was in the right place, the road names were not what Google had listed, so I got a little confused, OK? I got through Anderson, and took a lot of back roads on my way out to Saluda. I didn't stop for lunch, and I was just riding pretty straightforward.

I had plans for the night to stay at Nathalie Matthew's house, with her family. She was going to pick me up after I passed through Saluda, to take me to East Columbia. So that was one of the highlights of my trip. I came over a hill right outside of Saluda, and there she was, with her cousin. She was honking her horn like crazy. Then she swerved at me, and tried to hit me in the oncoming lane. (ok, so that last sentence was a lie) But she did pull off on the side of the road and came to give me a big old hug. It was great to see her.

On the ride back to her house, the three of us got checked out by some creepy guys in a Jeep. I think it was my beautifully caramel colored tan that was attracting them... or it was the girls. We couldn't really decide.

I got to the Matthew's house, and right when we walked up, Nathalie's brother Phillip was outside cutting the tongue out of a boars head. That was pretty awesome. Kind of gross, but still awesome.

We waited up for dinner by eating homemade dip and chips. We also pounded a batch of cookies between the four of us. I have never played the game Phase 1o. We played that till dinner, which I somehow won. It isn't really a game of skill, but as some people may know, I am freakishly good at board games. (excluding scrabble and bananagrams*)

Dinner. Best meal of my trip. The girls in this family are unbelievably good at cooking. I wanted to cry it was so good. It was straight home/soul food all the way. The are the Lance Armstrongs of HomeEc. Country style steak. Mashed taters. Fried okra. Biscuits. And fruit smoothies for desert. Pretty unreal. I had seconds on everything.

As soon as dinner was over, I went to bed. It was only 9:20. Overall, I biked 105 miles for the day. A pretty good day.

I finally found my first scale when I got to the Matthew's house. The weight when I arrived at their house: 139.

The weight when I left there house: 145.6

I only ate two meals. Whoops.

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