Friday, June 24, 2011

They should rename it, "Clemson, the Magic Kingdom"

This bloggy will be both of my rest days at Clemson, mushed into just one blog post. The only reason is I feel that I am running out of semi-clever titles for my blog posts.

I slept in.

I woke up Benjamin with ipod blaring and me dancing around like a crazy. I was so happy to be in Clemson. I got dressed and went to breakfast with Catherine, Sarah, and Anne. Cracker Barrel. That chicken fried steak is just wonderful. It was fun catching up with that apartment of girls. We then went to Goodwill. I got a really cool shirt. I feel this blog isn't about my bike trip at all. Which I wouldn't want to read about my day to day. So sorry if this is lame.

I just got to hang out around the Ridge. Kaitlyn gave me this new contact solution that made my eyes feel way way better. So no more eye soreness/light sensitivity. Right after I got back from Cracker Barrel, I went to Moe's with Benji, KP, and Bradley. I then proceeded to eat a burrito. If I don't stop eating so much, I am going to get real fat. Really fat.

That afternoon, I just hung out around the apartment like a lazy. It was great. I got to do some reading. Somebody signed me up for "Outsider" magazine. This in itself is awesome, cause that is a really really cool magazine. The problem is, I don't live at that address anymore. So I don't know how I am going to go about changing that. But it really is a cool magazine. That night, I ate a little pasta, and then went and played volleyball with the crew. I want to say that I still got the touch, but I was a little rough around the edges. Throwing up bags of rats. Eh, Jon?

I hopped on the bike and went up to Starbucks again. I did not drink anything this time. Smart choices right? I just went up there and read for a little while. I then rode the bike back to the apartment and crashed. I don't think I hung out much that night.

This day was a blur, I don't really remember a ton that happened. Benj and I started the day by going on a bike ride in search for fruit. There are fruit trees all over campus if you know where to look. Unfortunately, they won't be ripe for a couple weeks. But it was good to ride some of the soreness out of my legs. I spent the afternoon again just lazying around. I saw a ton of people by the pool. I got to hang out with Liz, Emily, Ashley, Josh Downey, Slammer, and Kenzie (for a few minutes). It was great getting to see them all. Slammer and I broke into Kenzie's apartment and wrote her a funny note. Illegal maneuver. But still fun.

I just kind of hung out until dinner. A whole crew of us went to Quaker Steak and Lube for all you can eat hot wings. What a great deal. 40 wings, 10 deep fried mac n' cheese bites, 10 mini corn doggies, and 6 dollars worth of frozen yogurt later, I was a happy and full boy. The wings there are splendid. They come out in batches of 4, so it is really easy to try a ton of the flavors. They are so good.The funniest part of the night was when Emily Lynch tried to buy my dinner secretly. Well that only works when the waitress doesn't mess up the order. So Emily ended up paying for Will Bolt instead. It was just a really funny situation. Thanks anyways Miss Lynch. Bye the way, Why did you ask if I had a girlfriend in the car? You interested? Matt, I am just wondering, don't get mad. That's a joke.

Anyways, I was so full. So I got home and went to bed. It was a great couple days to just relax and do nothing at Clemson. That is one of my favorite things to do. I am glad I don't have to be there for class sometime. And I can't wait to go back.

Rabley is the best fake crier I know. And I talked to him on the phone one day, and it was the highlight of my day, I just didn't have time to mention it in my blog that day. He is great, and I am glad he is living in my apartment.

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