Thursday, June 9, 2011

So close, just get me out.

I woke up from a very good night's sleep. No bugs last night, which is great. There were a few residual bloodsuckers from where I didn't shake the tent out great the first time, but no new bug friends.

I got on the road pretty early. I made a stop at the grocery store. People here are so nice. I talked to 8 or 9 different people about the trip and stuff. It was awesome. So many people look at me and go, "where yah headin?". I tell them SC and they always look like they are about to pass out or throw up. It is pretty funny. It is consistent too. Everybody does it.

I rode about 100 today. Not a lot went on. They highlight of my ride was a Sonic in Seneca, KS. I was so excited. The first Sonic of my trip. I got those two junior breakfast burritos and a medium Lemon Berry slush. Classic. And delicious. The slush made my stomach hurt, and I got a crazy brain freeze from it, but it was so worth it.

I finished the day in Fairview, KS. There isn't a whole lot in Fairview, KS. I ate at a restaurant called Philly's. Philly's is owned by Phil. A drunk old angry fat man. He was awesome. All he wanted to do was drink and hug the customers. Funny guy. I couldn't understand a thing that he said. The food was surprising good and a large amount. I got boiled cod fillets and three sides and a desert for 9.50. It was good. I asked Phil and the waitress if they knew of anyone who would let me put up a tent for the night. Phil called some guy who runs the park in town and said that I had permission to stay there. This was an interpretation from the waitress. I seriously couldn't understand anything that Phil said. The only thing I got from him was it took him three years to name the restaurant... and he named it Philly's. Really original Phil, really original.

I got to the park and met a younger couple with kids as I was setting up the tent. I told them why I was staying there and said the only thing that would make the night better would be a shower. Well Chrisy and Dave just walked me across the street to there house, told me where the shower and towels were, and went and finished their walk with their kids. They said if I was done before they got finished, just shut the front door so the dog doesn't get out. What a cool couple. Letting some sketchy, smelly, crazy, park-dwelling man (me) use their shower. That is sweet. First shower in 4 days, and it felt glorious.

I slept super well. I talked to Miss Kathryn McCutchen last night, which was super cool. I haven't talked to her in a while. She just got back from a mission trip in Haiti. That's crazy. I've been telling her to do an international mission trip for almost 3 years now. She finally listened. You are welcome Kath.

I am 31 miles from Missouri. Get me out of Kansas.

Let's do the 100 item challenge everybody. Look it up. Bet you can't do it.

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  1. I am so glad that you got to shower I was getting worried! I know you look like I really man now :)